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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is a new entity at Southern Fabricators.  Six months ago, on a whim, Ken (Sales Manager and son to owner, Kent Carpenter) brought me in to help organize and broaden their employee file data.  This turned into helping with the hiring of new employees, and keeping strict details of the company meetings and training programs.  I have an invested interest in this company, because Ken also happens to be my husband.  Family business at its finest!

We are expanding our work load, which allows us to expand our employee base.  With that being said, our small business is turning into a bigger business with a total of more than 130 full time employees. Adjusting to this has made us have to change our thinking and use tactics that were once only done in larger companies.  We have implemented new Employee Handbooks and Safety Manuals that all employees must sign off on and adhere to. This helps to unify and build a better understanding of what we expect from our employees and what they can expect from us.

Sometimes finding skilled laborers is a tough job. We are now having our applicants come in for an interview and meeting session with the foreman in whatever specific department they are applying for.  Even with all of the changes, Southern Fab is still old school in the fact that we require all of our applicants to apply for a job in person. The process is a little more tedious than in the past, but well worth the effort to find employees that will be here at Southern Fab for the long haul.

As we come to the close of our fiscal year in October, we are in awe of all the changes over the last few years, but excited about the direction we are headed.  The HR Department will continue to grow as we move into the future of metal fabrication!

Thank You,
Nicole Carpenter
Human Resources


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