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Southern Fab ISO: Internal Audits

Here at Southern Fab, we are working on taking our Quality Management System to the next level.  Some of the ways we are improving are by expanding our internal audit base, updating our procedure listings, and continuing to use OJT to keep our employees up to date with the current ISO standards.

Our internal auditing approach has been very helpful to us and the system is doing its job.  However, enhancements can always be made to better the way we audit and the overall quality of SFI’s work.  Process diagrams are being completed so that the internal auditors can see the whole progression and how it works, not just the course of action.

We are updating procedures lists with new ideas from employees and mangement to try to simplify thes actions and make them more efficient and less complicated for our employees.  We are also continuing to train our employees on ISO methods and show them how it can help the process run smoother for them.  As SFI moves into the future we will strive to always look for more ways to update our Quality Management System to help continuously improve our customer satisfaction, on time delivery, and the overall success of our company.

-Adam Griffin

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